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Monday, April 11, 2016

Best app for the Mac 2016 - How to Make a Quick Logo or App Button on a Mac

Best app for the Mac 2016

How to Make Quick and easy Logo's and App Icons with a free App on the Mac

Free App - Art Text lite

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Shaders, Textures, and Gradients

Art Text comes with a collection of customizable shaders and photo textures that you can use to fill objects. Also apply a radial or linear gradient with up to three colors and apply a shadow, stroke, or glow. Shaders can be quickly customized by changing the color, bevel, light direction, and depth.

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Make your Keynote presentations attract more attention by creating stylized headings for your slides. Using 24 different text transformations, you can bring text to life and give it a sense of motion and shape. Wrap text around objxects and bend and warp it to your heart's content!

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Take advantage of the library of over 600 fully customizable vector icons and shapes or draw your own using the powerful Vector Editor. Apply effects and fills to each of the shapes and combine them into complex objects thanks to Art Text's layer-based workflow and easy-to-use guides and layout tools.

Use these and tips at your own risk

Top Free Apps for the Mac 2016

one of Five Mac Apps You Should Be Using!

Hey everyone in today's video I'm going to talk about in art application that

can create logos application icons and buttons very quickly and easily now only
discovered this particular applicationcalled our texts too and it's made by

Belight software this year but after I used it I found it to be seamless it's

so easy to use you could design a logo or even just a

header for a brochure or even a simple application icon in like literally in a few minutes and you don't

really have to be a designer to be able to do it so if you are a developer and you need an app icon or if
you're doing FileMaker databases and you want to make

buttons for that it worked for that

logos brochure or headers anything so let's get started and show you how this thing

works and don't forget I will leave a little

link so that you'll be able to download

from the App Store so once you download

it you'll see this is the application

icon here if you're if it's already in

your Applications folder because you

downloaded from the App Store that's

fine if you go right to the belight

website and you download a free copy you can just drag it into your Applications

folder to install and then open it up so once you have it opens up and I do over

here let's just show you it'll start off

by opening up to this window once it

opens to this window you could actually

closed in and just go to file template

gallery here is where you can actually

choose a pre template for you to use and

it has all these different elements that

you can use and some of them are buttons

some of them are logos we're going to

pick a logo and actually redo it so I'm

gonna pick this logo here called gold

I'm going to click Choose and it's going

to open up as you can see the choices of

the different colors are right here so I

wanted to make it pink or orange and

there's quite a few blue let's say and

then if you go down to this window over

here you see the word gold you click on


you actually just can retype it so if I

wanted to type Mac that's all there is

to it and then I close it

and boom I have a logo now to export

this once you're finished with that all

you have to do is go down here and you

can either bring it to the clipboard and

use it to kind of paste into Word or

Adobe InDesign Photoshop or you can

share it and they have all of these

opportunities to share it into your


put it in your messages use it on

Twitter or Facebook and over here you

can also save it as a file that you can

actually edit and place into various

documents so if you wanted to know how I

do the FileMaker I usually just save it

to a file and then I drag the file right

into FileMaker by inserting it if you

can use this also your web pages if

you're using it for design element you

can make it as a clipboard item or you

can make it as a file it's up to you now

besides having these different items

over here it also has a couple of items

here so you can change the texture so

you can switch around textures here and

also you can just do it with a color so

there's lots of options that you can do

and I have to say that the gold one

looks pretty awesome I like that one

there's also different styles so let's

say you liked something in this area

let's pick this one which says pink and

if you double click on that and we typed

the word Mac tips you can fit in there

now at this point they have kerning they

have line spacing care you have

additional shapes icons so a whole bunch

of things that you can do here you can

customize something yourself so they

have that area as well and let's take a

look at what do you do if things are

oversized right so as you can see over

here you have this to kind of bring down

just kind of the overall page size so

that you can see where you can grab this in to make

it a little bit smaller so we can see it

on the screen

so that's pretty cool now let's say you

wanted to have this on two lines you

would just hit return and that would

place it on two lines and then you just

close this window here and now you can

kind of stretch it out anyway you see

fit so once you have been here you

switch to this they'll actually change

what you've typed in there so you have

to retype it but there's so many if you

want to make a button or an icon for

your application you can do it right

from here but they have a lot of

predefined things so for example here in

coffee club let's try the Mac tips right

there we're going to type Mac tips and

as you could see it just keeps the

elements and you can edit the shape if

you want to stretch it out depending on

what your needs are but you can do these

things really really quickly I like this

particular one very artistic right I

wanted to type the word mac here it

could look really really cool and don't

worry about the sizing all you have to

do is drag that down to get it bigger or

you can change the size of the actual

box I like to pick inches over here and

you can do it's a 10 by 10 and that

would give you a larger size to also

work with then to be able to do things

so I think this is an incredible

software it's so easy to use once you're

done with it again you just go export

and that's it's really easy

application to use hope you enjoyed this

tip try out the Free Application if you

like it buy the full version but in the

meantime have fun making logos.

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