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Sunday, August 1, 2021

How to attach Nord Speakers to the Keyboard

Before You begin your installation of your Nord Monitors v2 to your Nord Stage 3 you need to be aware of 2 dependencies..

1- you will need a tool called a Torx T30 screw driver to remove the screws on the back of the Nord. Since this tool is not a common one I bought one for around 5 bucks on amazon see link below, I will leave it with my Nord stuff going forward.

2- Your Nord Stage 3 needs to be RevB if you want to mount the brackets on the Piano - You can tell by looking to the left of the Nord Stage 3 Logo on your Piano - there is small type on its side where is it says handmade in Sweden and at the end will say RevB if you have that model. You can use the monitors without the brackets and if you don't have the RevB can mount them on 5/8" thread microphone stand.

Once you have the Torx tool and confirmed the RevB or the Stage 3 you now ready to install first remove the 4 screws on the back of Nord and attach the bracket like this (see below) Note the pads placements in-between the monitor and the brackets in both places.

finish the deal by hooking up the black wire from the right to the left speaker. and then hooking up the final wire from your monitor to your Nord Stage 3 inputs. Plug in the power and now turn the piano on first then the turn the monitors on and play away!.

Finally if you want to also hook this all up to your Mac use the USB Cable that came with the Stage 3 and connect it to you your USB port on the Mac.

Then Download the Mac Stage 3 Software from Nord its free but you need a Nord for it work.

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