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Sunday, March 19, 2017

How to Boost the Volume on your Mac - and get better sound with effects

How to Boost the Volume on your Mac - How to make your music LOUDER

System Wide Volume Booster

For trial version for the Mac -

For the remote app-

for the Iphone App -

Your laptop's speakers could use a boost.

Even when you pump up the speakers to full blast they just aren't loud enough. 
especially when your playing back Video's and or Music.

Mac utility called Boom 2
Equalizers a booster and it has cool effects like Spatial

Boom artificially boosts the sound levels to make everything sound much louder and better. it will improve Spotify, Itunes, Netflix, Youtube etc.

The Equalizer is great at adjusting frequencies to compensate for a laptop's mini

internal speaker Customizes it your Mac.

It also improved sound coming from your headphones and or Bluetooth Speakers

cost around $15 and there is a 7 day trial to test out - So give it a try

also has a remote app for Iphone or ipad - Free

and Boom 2 also has one for the Iphone that is free

give you surround sound it also free

Disclaimer - Use these tips and all tips on this channel at your own risk

How to Make your Mac Speakers Louder - How to Increase the volume over maximum on your Mac

How to Make your Mac Speakers Louder - Mac Volume Booster

and Boost the Audio Quality

program to increase volume - volume booster laptop - music booster

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